10 Easy Business you can Start from Home

People usually ask, what is the best business I can start from home? This question has been on the minds of many, and one of the major reasons for this is the unavailability of good-paying jobs. Starting a business from home can be fun and at the same time challenging because of certain factors that will be discussed in this article. Going forward, we’ll provide you with a list of easy businesses you can start from home.


Starting a Business from Home

The unemployment rate has risen all around the world with Covid-19 being a major contributor to this crisis. Many organizations have laid off most of their employees to balance the financial effect of Covid-19 on their businesses, and from around the world, economies seem to be crashing, financial burdens have increased and so many people who are affected by this deterioration are looking for alternative methods of making some extra cash. Questions on what business to start have become common as many are seeking to turn to entrepreneurship to raise money for sustenance.

There are a number of businesses you can start from home to raise more money, and these businesses may require less capital because money factors like rent have been eliminated. Although starting a business from home may look like an easy process, however, while it can be sustenance easier to maintain, it’s also one of the most difficult kinds of business to maintain. That’s why you need to follow certain steps highlighted below before you start, these steps will help you in achieving success in the business.

1. Come up with a business Idea

You must have an idea of the kind of business you want to start in order to make projections and know your options on fundraising. If you have no idea about the kind of business you want to start, you can pick any of the businesses listed later in this article.

2. Decide on business structure and plan

This has to do with how you intend to raise capital and run the business. Since it’s a business you can start from home, you can decide to run it alone (sole proprietorship) or decide to partner with someone. According to the SBA, put in mind that your business plan is the major factor that will determine how well your business will do. Make sure you have a detailed plan that you can execute and a product that you can market. Learn how to write a Business plan with a step-by-step guide and samples.

3. Check for any legal requirement

Before you start any business, you need to know the legality of the business and its legal requirements. This is to avoid your business being flagged by relevant authorities. You must fulfil all registration requirements to run the business and also check for other local laws that could affect your business.

4. Come up with a marketing plan

An effective marketing strategy will drive sales, which results in profits. You need to market your product or service to create awareness among the public.

Challenges of starting a Business from Home

There are a couple of challenges anyone starting a business from home will face. These challenges arise from a series of factors during the running of the business. Since it’s a business you can start from home, many seem to forget certain things that might affect the business. The following are some challenges attached to a business you can start from home.

1. Lack of Focus

Since the business is run from home, one can easily be distracted by friends and family. This might lead to temporary neglect of the business and might lead to loss. Your self-discipline will be put to test as you run your business.

2. Inconsistent sales

This basically can affect any business or organization but the difference between a drop in sales of an organization and that of an entrepreneur is that a drop in sales in an organization might not affect the overall running of the business but for an entrepreneur running their business from home a drop in sales will affect almost every aspect of the business. Areas like the quantity of available products and profits will be deeply affected.

3. Purchase on credit not taken seriously

Running a business from home means your business will be surrounded by friends and family, and they might not attach the same amount of value as you to the business. Aside from this, the probability of selling your product or service at a discounted rate or on credit is high, which may affect the business.

10 easy businesses you can start from home

If you have no idea or are still in search of a business you can start from home, then you might want to consider any of the businesses on this list:

1. Blogging/Programming and tech: These are internet-based businesses and can be started easily from the comfort of your home. Before anyone can begin this business, you must first learn the basics of the required skill(s)

2. Hairstyling

3. Social media service: This business can be started with just your smartphone. Interested people must understand the process and must be able to use the specified social app well before going into the business.

4. Tutoring: From the comfort of your home, you can tutor students who need help with their academics. This can either be offline (physical classes) or online, and now it’s much easier to find online tutoring jobs in the united states for instance.

5. Running an online store: You can decide to start an online store. This can easily be done once you can identify the product you wish to sell.

6. Catering

7. Writing/Translation: You can start this by offering your writing skills and translating services to those who are willing to pay for it. Writing services include; copywriting, content writing, story/novel writing and so on. Interested in finding a writing job in the United States? Then check out how you can find a writing job in the United States.

9. Photography


There are other kinds of businesses you can start from home. The key to achieving success while starting a business from home is self-discipline and understanding the business properly before going into it.

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