How to find Online Tutoring Jobs in the United States

Online tutoring jobs are booming ever since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The world’s educational system has taken the integration of online teaching over the normal physical way of teaching very keenly. The United States of America is one of the countries leading the way in the integration of online and physical method of teaching and has become a hotspot for online tutoring jobs. In this article, you’ll find details on how to find online tutoring jobs in the United States.


Online Tutoring Jobs in the United States

In 2020, the unbelievable happened when Covid19 struck. The pandemic affected the world’s normal way of life and the whole world went on lockdown with every industry, and sector affected including education. The pandemic raised various questions which put the human mind to the test, and as always we were able to come up with an alternative approach to the way we do things.

The United States of America has one of the best educational systems in the world. The country has never left the top 2 spot for decades and has been ranked as the no. 1 country with the best education since 2020 with the United Kingdom coming in at number 2.

Online tutoring has been around for a long time, especially in the United States, but it wasn’t fully adopted by several countries. The era of COVID-19 has made many realize that tech and education can be combined to create a virtual learning environment where students can be impacted with knowledge regardless of their location. Online tutoring has become a trend in the United States with parents and students seeking out the service of an experienced tutor to help them with learning and beside this, thousands of students move to the United States every year to enjoy the value of the American educational system and most of these students will depend on online tutorial classes aside the normal class by the school to get good grades.

Anyone can get into the online tutoring business provided that they have educational qualification, skills and character that comes with tutoring jobs

How to become an online tutor in United States

Just like any other job in the world, online tutoring jobs also has its own requirements which anyone hoping to become an online tutor must posses. Basically, to become an online tutor in the United States you need all the requirements and qualifications of a normal tutoring job. You must have the necessary qualifications like educational certificates and must be able to effectively pass knowledge to those who you will be teaching.

And just like the physical teaching, you’ll have to pick your subject area where your tutoring will focus on, and follow the necessary steps required to be an online tutor. You’ll need to also have gadgets that will facilitate and make your connection to your online students.

Advantages of Online Tutoring Jobs

First, let’s talk about the average salary of online tutors in the United States. Online tutors in the United States earn an average of $42,947 annually and can get more than that depending on the employer. This is huge since online tutoring can be done as a side hustle and from the comfort of your home. Other benefits include:

  • Possibility of working anywhere and anytime
  • Time management and multitasking
  • Opportunity for career advancement
  • Avoid office or location distraction
  • Connect and engage students more easily online

How to find Online Tutoring Jobs in the United States

It will be a difficult process for anyone to begin their search for jobs anywhere without knowing where to look or without them not knowing the right platforms where they find their kind of job. The task of finding online tutoring jobs in the United States has been made easy by certain platforms where these jobs are posted regularly. Some of these platforms include:


The above listed platforms will help you in finding online tutoring jobs in the United States, and the best part is that you can set up your device to get notifications when a tutoring job is available. You can also find part time online writing jobs available in the United States on the above-mentioned platforms.

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