Online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the number of online investment platforms that pay daily are on the rise. This is because most Nigerians have come to the realization that the surest way to build wealth is through investments and being able to save. Investment platforms give you more value for your money and increase your savings unlike the traditional method of keeping money in the bank where your savings gradually reduces. In this article, we’ll provide you with online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria.


What are online Investment Platforms?

Investment platforms are online service platforms where people can invest their money to earn some form of interest and also get certain services at a discounted rate. What investment platforms do is that they provide customers with a plan to save their money and get value for saving their money. The word online means that the platform’s operations are carried out online, either through the platform’s app or website.

Why Investment Platforms?

The Fintech industry is the fastest growing industry in Nigeria because technology has provided various options for saving as well as making money and investors have become more aware of the downside that comes with saving money in the bank, hence online investments platforms that pay daily were created to give customers value which banks wouldn’t give.
It’s important to know how online investment platforms operate. Over the years, several investment platforms have made waves across the country by promising people fast and huge returns on investments in a short period. These investments, also known as Ponzi or pyramid schemes, are fraudulent and don’t carry out any kind of activity or operation but instead, rely on paying old investors with payments from new investors, meaning that these platforms depend on the introduction of new investors or customers for continuity.
As the platform increases exponentially, it becomes unsustainable, and it becomes unable to pay old and new investors and then crashes. Many Nigerians who believe in get-rich-quick schemes have been victims of Ponzi and pyramid schemes by investing in these platforms and thereby losing their money or investments. Learn more on How To Avoid Fraudulent Loan Offers, Investment Schemes.
The online investment platforms provided in this article are legal and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). These platforms protect customers’ investments and also offer the best value services for their customers. These online investment platforms allow individuals – experts and beginners- to save money with the option of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the agric sector. Users can buy a number of stocks and trade on these platforms, but due to the risk involved in trading securities, it’s advisable to consult an investment specialist before you start trading.

Benefits of Online Investment Platforms

 Below are the benefits that come with Online investment platforms in Nigeria:
  • Lower service costs and fees: Online investing platforms provide service costs and commissions because online services could involve lower operating costs.
  • Convenience: Investors or customers can carry out several operations from anywhere they find themselves, provided they have the tools to go on these online on these platforms.
  • Quick execution: Operations on online investment platforms are automated, making delivery fast and instant.

Online Investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria

Listed below are 5 online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria, As earlier said in the article, these platforms are licensed to carry out financial services in Nigeria and investments on these platforms are secured. If any problems are encountered on these platforms, affected persons should contact the platform’s customer service for assistance and clarification.
1. Piggvest
Piggvest formerly known as was launched in 2016. The platform which began services as a savings-only platform evolved and was rebranded in 2019 to accommodate investment services. Piggvest is Nigeria’s number 1 investment platform with investments starting from a minimum of N1,000. With Piggvest, investors can up to 13% on savings and get up to 25% return on capital per annum.
2. Cowrywise
Cowrywise provides saving services as well as investments in low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk products in the agricultural sector, mutual fund schemes, and other third-party money market commodities. Investors enjoy a 10% saving rate, while the return on investments varies.
3. Bamboo
Bamboo is one of the top investment platforms in Nigeria and the world. From the convenience of your home and with your smartphone, Bamboo grants you access to the United States stock market. With Bamboo, investors have access to over 3,000 stocks or equities listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Anyone can begin investments in Bamboo with a minimum of $20 or the Naira equivalent. Know that investments made in Naira can only be withdrawn to a Naira account, the same for investments in USD.
4. Investment One
Investment One formerly known as GTB Asset Management Limited, offers a wide range of financial and investment services all over Nigeria. Since its founding in 2007, Investment One has become one of the top leading online investment platforms in Nigeria, and they have an ever-ready team of investment specialists and managers ready to give quality services to ready investors and clients.
5. SumoTrust
SumoTrust provides savings and investment services to Nigerians and Africans in general. With a unique bank account number, SumoTrust provides its customers with 10 to 15% interest on savings and also helps them to achieve their investment goals.
6. Carbon
Carbon is a digital bank and a popular investment platform in Nigeria. With as little as N100, you can earn up to 16% annually investing in Carbon. The platform also provides loan services to its users.
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7. I-Invest
I-Invest provides its services through its app available on the Google Playstore and the App Store. I-Invest offers flexible investment options, seamless withdrawal, excellent customer support, and all-around security for investments.
Other top online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria include:
Investors should understand that there are certain risks attached to online investments, such as security risks where investment platforms are targeted by hackers and privacy risks. It is therefore important for those wanting to invest in any of these online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria to check out the policies and security measures put in place by these platforms before creating an account. Although generally, these platforms have good security. If any problems are encountered on these platforms, affected persons should immediately contact the platform’s customer service for assistance and clarification.

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