How to find a government job in USA

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Government jobs are arguably the most secured and stable jobs in the world and in the United States where government workers are properly compensated, these jobs are the ultimate goal and ambition of so many. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get a government job in USA.

The United States Government Job Classification

The search and processing for a government job in USA can last up to 6 to 18 months, which many consider to be a complex process. Understanding the different government jobs in the United States will help in the search of getting one. Here are the classifications of governmental jobs in the United States of America.

1. The competitive service

Jobs under this category require applicants to undergo a competitive hiring process before being given the job based on merits. This is particular to civil service and the competitive hiring process could be in the form of written examinations, elections or the evaluation of candidates’ educational background, attributes and physical conditions to see if the candidates are fit to perform the job as required. Positions under this category are subject to the civil service law passed by the United States Congress to guarantee that applicants as well as employees receive fair and equal treatment in the hiring process.

2. The Expected Service

The Expected Service also known as the unclassified service is for positions outside the ”conventional” government jobs. The positions or jobs under the Expected Service are not subjected to a compulsory examination but instead, agencies are allowed to lay out their requirements and process for the job. This service is not subjected to appointment, pay and classification laws. Security and Intelligence agencies, foreign service providers and other authorized agencies fall under this category.

3. Senior Executive Service (SES)

This category and service comprise people who are politically appointed or called to serve based on their leadership qualifications. People in this service are heads and leaders of various departments or teams in the government, and they possess well-honed executive skills with an extensive understanding and perspective of government.

Benefits of government jobs in USA

As it is everywhere, different jobs have different pay and salaries. This mostly depends on hierarchy, service, value and importance that comes with the job but according to payscale, the average salary of an employee of the United States government is $61,000 per year. A report by in 2021 stated that the highest paying government job in USA is the medical profession, with an average pay of over $250,000. In terms of salary payment and compensation, the United States government ranks high among several other countries in the world.

Aside from the credible and timely payment of salaries by the United States government to its workers, employees of the United States government also receive bonuses according to their services and also enjoy major benefits. Below are some benefits of getting a government job In USA.

  • Better health benefits: Unlike several other countries in the world that pay little to no concern about the welfare of their workers, the United States government provide health care insurance through the federal program to its workers, enabling them to pay for preventive care and treatments.
  • Opportunity For career advancement: Government jobs in the United States provide the opportunity for an employee to switch their career to more demanding ones in the same line of work. For example, a correctional officer in the United States can switch properly into a security analyst or detective.
  • Good Pension Benefits: The United States government provides pensions for every worker no matter the position they hold, making retirement easy and comfortable for their workers

Eligibility Criteria for a Government Job in USA

There are certain conditions and criteria that must be met before anyone can apply and successfully get a government job in USA. They include:

1. You must be a citizen of the United States of America.

Under Executive Order 11935 of the United States government, only citizens of the United States of America or nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) can apply for a government job in the United States of America. It is also provided under this order that Offices of personnel management and other governmental agencies can choose to hire a non-citizen or foreigner, provided that there are no qualified American citizens for that particular position or government Job. Foreigners hoping to get a government job in USA must first become green card holders and certified citizens of the United States before they can apply and get a job with the United States government.

2. Applicants must have good records

While applying for a government job in USA, there’s literally nothing that could be hidden about your personal records. The United States government has databases where the data of citizens are kept for national reasons and every employee is vetted through these databases (criminal, financial and other databases) before being given the job. This act has enabled the United States government to employ people with the right traits and abilities. Yet, people with criminal records shouldn’t be discouraged from applying for a government job in USA as the government also employs those with criminal records under certain conditions. You can refer here for more information.

How to find a government job in USA

To find government jobs in USA, interested persons must visit where they can search for government jobsfind student job opportunities with the government, learn how the government hires people and learn about government jobs for non-U.S citizens.

Here are steps to help you find a job on USAJOBS:

Though most government agencies in the United States post their open job positions on USAJOBS, some post specific jobs on their websites. If you are interested in working for a particular agency, you can find the agency’s website on the A-Z Index of Government Agencies. People with disabilities who have an interest in getting a government job in USA can check here for information while veterans can also check also get information on jobs and programs available to them.

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