Program Manager Needed at Startup Universe for Volunteer Job

The Startup Universe initiative has the vision to offer opportunities for the global tech ecosystem to thrive through innovation and equal access to resources. This is embodied through our 4-week programs that take place virtually and on a global scale.


This is a volunteer job offer! Being local can help since the network is easier to create or exists already!

Each country has a National Organizer that is the person responsible for setting up and realizing the national program.

Being a National Organizer comes with responsibilities such as:

  • Organizing/establishing the local team
  • Promoting the national program
  • Finding national experts and speakers
  • Spreading the word for startups to join
  • Creating a network with your nation’s Diaspora.

National Organizers, also, have certain benefits:

  • Join a massive global network of opportunities
  • Work along the Startup Universe utilizing this well-known label for your promotional activities
  • Access to World Innovation Economics, World Economic Forum network, Davos
  • Your profile will be featured on the Startup Universe official channels
  • Engage with top-class experts, investors, unicorn founders, and innovation managers around the globe
  • Official endorsement for your program by the European Institutions
  • High-level exposure and publicity with both local authorities and the European Commission
  • Use Founderhood infrastructure
  • Branding Material
  • Support

How to Apply

To apply for this role, please click this link and follow the prompts. It is important to enrol in the Recruitment, Interview & Aptitude Tests course at FS Academy for adequate preparation.

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