Understanding the job description for student assistants is vital for anyone hoping to get the job. The job of a student assistant is available in several universities, campuses and other institutions of higher education.

The position is open to students currently in that particular educational institution, and it’s important to understand the job description of student assistant before applying for the position. In this article, the role and job description for a student assistant will be properly explained.

Who is a student assistant?

A student assistant is anyone who works with a university or college staff, performing administrative duties or tasks assigned to them. Student assistants work for departments in universities, colleges or any higher education institution providing assistance to full-time employees in the department. Applicants who are hired for the position of student assistant are usually hired to fulfil roles that are related to their chosen career path.

Job description for student assistant

The role of a student assistant is usually part-time and provides experience for students looking to be full-time employees of the university or college. Since this position is particularly designed to support and offer assistance to full-time employees and staff of the university or college, student assistants get their orders from the staff member under which they serve, and this staff member is seen as a supervisor.

The job description of a student assistant differs depending on the department or supervisor, but they all have a general or common job description which gives an overview of what the job entails. Below are the general responsibilities and job description for a student assistant.

1. Provide administrative assistance to the supervisor

It is the job of a student assistant to assist his/her supervisor in effectively carrying out their jobs. This means that the student assistant is responsible for:

  • Assisting the supervisor in lecture preparation
  • Keeping the supervisor updated on lecture dates, class information and other information related to the supervisor’s job.
  • Maintaining and managing student information in online and physical files or records
  • Assisting the supervisor in conducting research as given by the lecturer
  • Providing general office support in areas like photocopying, filing and in the distribution of materials.

It’s also very likely for student assistants to run a few personal errands for their supervisors as they go about their daily activities.

2. Serve as other students’ point of contact

Another job description for student assistants is that they serve as a point of contact for other students who want to meet a lecturer or university employee. Most university or college employees don’t like the idea of students trooping to their office on a regular which is why most students will go to the student assistant to table whatever issue there is before meeting with the lecturer, basically acting like secretaries. Aside from this, student assistants also serve as academic advisors to other students.

3. Work with other student assistants

It is also the duty of a competent student assistant to align with other student assistants to gain support and experience, as well as get information that would be beneficial to the supervisor in the performance of their academic duties.
Qualifications for student assistants

The qualifications of being a student assistant vary from one institution to the other, but this position most likely requires the applicant to possess a graduate degree from an accredited school and then be enrolled in a graduate program in the university or college where they are currently working in. Also, applicants vying for the position of student assistant must extensively understand the standards, procedures and code of conduct the department runs on and in general how the educational institution operates. In addition to this, the following skills and qualifications are necessary:
  • Must be able to multitask
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must have experience dealing with sensitive and personal information
  • Must possess exceptional written and communication skills
  • Must have good experience with data entry software and database
  • Must be able to fulfil their job responsibilities and their educational requirements properly.

Benefits of being a student assistant

Being a student assistant comes with benefits that an ordinary student wouldn’t have, and this has made the position an enviable one for many students. Here are the top benefits enjoyed by student assistants.

Salary or wages: Student assistants receive monthly pay or stipends to ease financial stress as they carry out their duty. The amount a student assistant receive vary in different countries and in the institution as well, but the average pay of student assistants in the United States of America is $12.16 per hour.
Network building: Student assistants work with professors who have connections and networks in their field. Student assistants can tap from these connections to further their careers in their chosen field.

Experience: Being a student assistant in a particular department means you have chosen to work in a field related to the department, and this position will in turn provide you with on-site experience vital to career advancement in that field.The job description for a student assistant can also vary depending on the institution. It’s the duty of the student assistant to fully understand their role and see to it that they have the qualification and capacity to ultimately fulfil their role.


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