Finding a job in United States can be difficult for foreigners and is gold to many who have found one. The average salary of citizens and the economic power coupled with some other factors make the United States a promised land for job seekers. This article will cover information on how to find a job in the United States for foreigners.

How to find a job in United States for Foreigners

How much does a job in the United States pay?

Payment information is arguably the most important aspect of every job and there are certain things you need to know about the payment system in the united states.

Unlike many other countries, most companies in the united states pay their employees biweekly and weekly while other employers pay by the hour. The biweekly payment pattern is different for some organizations and how much an employee earns depends on the kind of work the person does but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in 2020 that the average hourly wage of citizens in the united states is $29.81, while the average weekly wage is $1034.41. This and the economic buoyancy makes jobs in USA attractive.

What other benefit can I enjoy from a job in United States

Employees in the United States enjoy some benefits employers in other countries don’t usually provide like health insurance and credible pension payment systems and there are also numerous opportunities available in us. Check out the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics for more benefits

How to find a job In United States

Finding and getting a job in United States can be difficult and strenuous but knowing the right way to go about it would make it easier. It’s easier for graduates to get a job in the United States and here are things you need to know to on how to find and get a job in US as a foreigner.

1. Know the kind of job you want

This is the first thing you should know as a foreigner hoping to find a job in the USA. This will help you narrow your search so that you can look in the right places. Some sites to help you begin your search is listed later in this guide.

2. Know your eligibility status to work in the USA

The qualifications depend on the kind of job you are looking for and you should check all the job requirements as well. The next step is to get a work visa. Getting a work visa in the united states can be a bit complex. A lot is considered of your personal information and records (citizenship, criminal records, marital status, length of stay, area of activity, industry, years of experience, skills, English level, etc.) before you can be issued one. 

One of the easiest ways to get a work visa as a foreigner in the US is by visa sponsorship by the company offering you the opportunity but most companies refuse to do this for foreigners even if they are qualified for it. This is simply because they believe they can get the same skillset locally and this is that’s why your target should be companies with a record of recruiting foreigners.

3. Look in the right places

To make it easier for you to find jobs in the United States, you need to be on certain platforms that will keep you updated on various job openings in the US. Here is a list of top sites and job boards to help you begin your search for jobs in the United States:

  • Indeed: This is the best place to start your search for big U.S jobs
  • Glassdoor
  • This is a top site that contains information on international programs and jobs for students interested in traveling abroad.
  • Learn4Good: There are job opportunities here that fall under the J1 visa program. The J-1 visa offers cultural and educational exchange opportunities in the United States through a variety of programs overseen by the U.S. State Department.
  • Simply Hired
  • Career Builder
  • USA Jobs
  • Craigslist: A giant classifieds site. The king of kings.
  • Dice: The best site for tech jobs.
  • Randstad: Staffing services.
There you have it, the top platforms for you to easily find jobs in USA. This will help in your search to find and get your hands on the latest jobs that fit your qualifications.
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