The need for organizations and industries to effectively manage their resources increases by the day and so also the career opportunities in Business Management and Administration. 

Career Opportunities in Business

Business Management and Administration is vital to every organization in the world because it properly helps manages resources and also keep the organization in functioning condition. We’ll be looking at Top Career Opportunities in Business Management and Administration in this article.

What is Business Management and Administration?

Simply put together, Business Management and Administration is the management and supervision of an organization’s daily activity. It entailes the management and leadership of everything related to the organization from assets and personnel management to the finances of the organization and also problem-solving. 

Business management and administration dictates how a business should run and function. This has made it a top priority for every organization in the world because without effective management and administration an organization or business will cease to exist.

Importance of Business Management and Administration

The importance of Business Management and Administration to every organization includes:

  • Effective Planning
  • Good Organization
  • Staffing
  • Leadership and control.

Where can a Business Manager and Administrator work?

A skill or degree in business management and administration can land you a job in almost any industry and organization ranging from the private to the public sector. As long as there are business problems to solve and resources to manage, a business manager and administrator is needed.

Career opportunities in business management and administration is numerous and the pay is high as the average salary of a business manager or administrator is N1,000,000,00 ($2,400) according to Payscale but the size of the organization or business play a major role in the job function and salary of the administrator or manager. A single business manager and administrator might be needed to manage the entire operation of a small business/organization while several managers and administrators might be needed to oversee the various activities of each department in a large organization. Salaries received by business managers and organizations is mostly dependent on the organization and qualifications of the applicant.

Skills and Qualifications Required for Business Management and Administration.

A career in Business management and administration can be stressful and tasking if you do not have the right amount of knowledge and training because the major functionality of your department or organization rests on you. 

Here are the skills and qualifications needed or required to be a business manager and administrator.

1. A degree

Talking about the educational requirement, you must be a graduate with at least a degree in either administration, finance or accounting and marketing to nail a career as a a business manager and administrator.

2. Excellent communication and Leadership skills

To be a professional and have a career in business management and administration you must be able to communicate efficiently with employees/staff under you. You should be able to disseminate information via all medium of communication effectively to your team and the entire staff at large without being misinterpreted. You can follow these links to learn communication and leadership with free courses.

3. Financial Intelligence

A business manager or administrator must be familiar with financial concepts. Overseeing the daily transactional operations of an organization or department requires you to know what is what in finance so that you’ll be able to effectively manage and make top decisions that will aid the organization or department financially. An adequate skill here also also help to prevent any form of finance manhandling in your department and organization. You can learn more about financial management here.

4. Critical thinking and Problem-solving capabilities

In the day-to-day running of the organization, several issues will arise where your problem-solving and critical thinking skills and capacities would be tested. In such cases, you would be required to make decisions and these decisions might affect the organization or department positively or negatively. It’s therefore important for you to train yourself and be ready. 

Most career opportunities in business management and administration will require more of the skills highlighted above.

Top Career Opportunities in Business Management and Administration

There are various career opportunities in business management and administration. Below are 14 top career opportunities in Business Management and Administration

  1. Sales management
  2. Client services mangement
  3. Business consultancy
  4. Business analysis
  5. Community Management
  6. Logistic Management
  7. Project management
  8. Economics
  9. Human resources management
  10. Marketing
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Operations management
  13. Administrative supervision
  14. Financial management

Note that the careers listed above are not according to salary grades.

A business management and administration degree or skill is not limited to one sector as it applies to all departments and industries providing a wide range of career options. It also increases employment chances as organizations are always looking to recruit.

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