The global use of technology across various fields and sectors has made tech jobs one of the highest paying in the world today, and the United Kingdom which is a tech-dominated country is the best place for you to seek such jobs. In this article, we’ll provide you with information on how to find high-paying tech jobs in the UK.

How to find high-paying tech jobs in the UK

Why is the tech industry growing so fast?

With the introduction of new technology every day, the world we live in today has technology integrated into almost every fibre of it; an advancement which has seen the tech industry grow massively over the past decade. Technology is also absolutely fundamental to the growth and advancement of every business or organization in the world.
The tech industry is very flexible and diverse, with several amazing job opportunities. The wide range of technological services has made the industry one of the biggest in the world as consumers are always wanting more so that they could have smooth and easy access to numerous data and information as well as carry out various activities with comfort and ease.

Unlike other forms of jobs, tech jobs don’t necessarily require a degree or certificate as most tech job applicants are recruited by their level of expertise and this has made it a good career path for even drop out. As an added incentive, find out what will be a good career for a dropout.

What are the highest paying tech jobs in the UK?

Here are the 7 highest paying tech jobs in the UK In 2022v:

1. DevOps Engineer

With an average salary of £40,000, DevOps engineers are the highest paid. A DevOps Engineer work with developers and IT staff, combining both engineering and coding to oversee code releases. They analyse system software in order to improve them.

2. Software Engineer

Coming in at number 2 as of the highest paying tech jobs in the UK is software engineering with an average salary of £35,000. Software engineers are involved in multiple areas of tech from designing, development and testing to maintenance. They focus on applying the principle of engineering to software development.

3. Python Developer

Python developers come third also with an average salary of £35,000. They are responsible for writing and testing several codes, as well as debugging programs and integrating applications with third-party web services. Python, which is one of the most powerful backend languages is used for web development as well as data analysis.

4. Data Scientists

Data scientists have an average starting salary of £31,000. Data scientists identify relevant data sources for businesses and also work with data to identify issues and provide solutions for decision-making.

5. Software Developer

You might be wondering what the difference is between software developers and software engineers. First, software developers earn an average starting salary of £27,000 and they build and design application software and specific computer systems while software engineers work on a larger scale by designing, developing and testing entire computer systems and application software.

6. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists have an average starting salary of £25,000. With hackers on a rampage every day, cybersecurity specialists discover risks and vulnerabilities in software systems, data and networks through vulnerability scans. They also ensure that both software and hardware applications are up-to-date.

7. Mobile application developer

Mobile application developers come 7th on the list of highest paying tech jobs in the UK with an average starting salary of £20,000. Mobile application development involves the use of codes and specific software applications to design and modify existing software.

Other high-paying tech jobs in the UK include Java developer, cloud architect, UI/UX, Front-End developer, .NET Developer, IoT engineer and so many others.

How to find high-paying tech jobs in the UK

To find high-paying tech jobs in the UK, interested applicants should ensure they follow relevant job boards and websites, as well as the social media handles and websites of their preferred tech companies. You can start your search from these job boards below :

Note that the locations of the tech jobs posted on these tech job boards are mostly not in the UK. You will have to change the location setting to the UK so that all the jobs listed will be based in the set location, which is the UK.

You can also filter the jobs to remote, in case you are interested in working with a UK-based tech company from your home country.

There you have it, how to find tech jobs in the UK. As a techie interested in these jobs, you should make sure you provide your email on the tech boards when necessary so that you can receive instant updates on available tech jobs.

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