Writing is essential in areas of communication, enlightenment and in the general passage of information. Every form of business, organization or startups need to put their ideas in writing in order to communicate and share their ideas with their target audience, an area where the service of a professional and eloquent writer is employed. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to find part-time online writing jobs in the United States.

How to find Part Time Online Writing Jobs in the United States

Online Writing Job Description

Online writing is a form of writing where a professional writer provides his writing services to clients, writing across various topics as the client demands. Online writers are mostly freelancers who work with clients based on contracts as opposed to a full-time writing staff.

The ability of businesses and organizations to express their services and product through written content and messages has proven to be key to customer conversion and sales growth. As they say, content is king!

This has made numerous part-time online writing jobs available for skilled professionals. While you read more on how to find Part Time Online Writing Jobs in the United States, you can put your writing skills to a trial by competing in these essay and literary contests to win fantastic prizes and rewards.

Forms of Writing

Over the years, writing has branched out from a one-dimensional form to several dimensions. The various forms of writing present today include descriptive, expository, persuasive and creative writing. Styles of writing like journalism, prose, poetry, diaries, and content writing are categorized under any of the previously mentioned forms.

In the business world, writing has its various forms and can be broken down into four (4) main aspects which are instructional, informational, transactional, and persuasive form of writing. Below is what you need to know about each one of them.

1. Instructional Writing

This form of business writing is used to provide instruction to readers, just as the name implies. It directs the reader on how to go about a task, providing them with information as well as enlightening the reader about certain work processes or operations. Examples of areas where Instructional writing is used include user manuals and business memos.

2. Informational Writing

As the name implies, informational writing is used to give information about certain events or operations internally (within the organization) or externally (to clients, consumers or prospects). This form of writing is also important for reference and record purposes. Good informational writing provides organizations with a good customer conversion rate, and hence experts are employed to effectively do this. The major goal of informational writing is to provide readers with insights and information about a particular product, service or event.

Informational writing are used in white papers, employee handbooks, paper writing, product description, business reports and so on.

3. Transactional Writing

Transactional writing is used in everyday communication within businesses and organizations. It is often used in communicating with employees, teammates and workers within the business. Examples of transactional forms of writing include; emails, business letters, invoices and dismissal notices.

4. Persuasive Writing

This form of writing can be considered the most important form of business writing. Persuasive writing is used by organizations and businesses to convince their target audience to either get their product or use their services, i.e. sales generation. Persuasive writing usually has elements of informational writing so that prospects can understand more about the service or product and why they need it.

Persuasive writing is used to impress and convince readers to take immediate action based on provided facts and benefits. Examples of persuasive writing include proposals, sales emails and press releases.

5 Top Part-time Online Writing Jobs in the United States

There are so many high-paying online part-time writing jobs, but here are the top 5 as of 2022.

1. Copywriting

The aim of copywriting is to create brand awareness and ultimately make readers take particular actions. According to payscale, the average salary of copywriters in the United States is $54,797.

2. Content Writing

Content writing and copywriting are similar as both are used for marketing, but the difference between content writing and copy writing is that content writing is designed to educate or entertain, whereas copywriting is designed to persuade. The average monthly salary of content writers is $50,129

3. Proofreading

The job of a Proofreader is to ensure that written contents are free of grammatical errors, spelling errors, syntax errors and that the content has the right form of formatting. Proofreaders are paid by the hour, but the average base salary is $40,473, and they can get additional pay up to $56,126 per year which totals $90,599.

4. Editor

Editors are mostly proofreaders, but unlike proofreaders they view the entire structure of the content making deep analyses and making certain changes as well as corrections to increase the impact of the content. They check out the flow of ideas in the content and ensure that the content is comprehensive and uniform and that the ideas are well organized.

People with this skill make good money from part-time online writing jobs as they charge by the hour. Editors can earn up to $104,201/year. You can check out the various types of editing to know more.

5. Translation

Translators translate written pieces or content from one language to another. People who offer this service are fluent in several languages, or at least the language to which the content is to be translated. Translators have an average base salary of $42,409 and can earn up to $73,333 per year.

How to find part-time online writing jobs in the United States

To find part-time online writing jobs in the United States, first, you must have identified the writing service you intend to provide and then master the skill before putting your services on the market. You can start from the job boards and platforms mentioned below to find part-time online writing jobs.

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Upwork
  • JournalismJobs.com
  • Fiverr
  • Contently
  • Bloggingpro
  • iwriters

The list goes on and on. You can also conduct your research to see which platform has the best to offer when it comes to part-time online writing jobs.

There you have it, how to find online writing part-time writing jobs in the United States. Make sure to subscribe to our platform to get career guides and development articles delivered to you.

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