Payspieloo is a rewards site that pays you for performing simple tasks such as sharing posts, taking a survey, or playing games.

Payspieloo: How to earn and advertise your business

Payspieloo is the first Nigerian rewards site. The likes of Swagbucks, Hisense, and PrizeRebel have been serving the world over the years, but Nigerians cannot enjoy the benefits because payments are not direct to the bank.
Payspieloo is the first Nigerian-based survey site that pays Nigerians. Students can use Payspieloo to administer their Project Questionnaires for very cheap. Contact Payspieloo via email: [email protected].
Payspieloo is the first platform to offer an advertisement type called PPS. PPS means Pay Per Share. It works for:
1. The Earners on Payspieloo who share posts and earn N100 per post shared once they get 20 WhatsApp views.
2. The Advertiser. Payspieloo charges you per 10 shares on the platform. That means you pay only N200 for each person that posts your advert on WhatsApp.
Payspieloo is a cheap and legal way to make money online with little resources and for business owners, a very cheap way to advertise your business.
On Payspieloo its users can buy cheap data with their earnings. They can even resell data to others at no cost to themselves.
Registration to Payspieloo is completely free. However, the platform charges N3,500 One Time Fee to register a personal e-wallet for you.
To register on Payspieloo visit the official website:
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